Why is it so hard to write 50 questions?


What am I doing here?


Will I ever define my style?


How does personal style evolve to design work?


Why am I such a perfectionist?


Will I ever do stuff on time?


Will I ever have a good routine?


Why do I leave everything for the last second?


Does it matter?


Why do we get depressed?


Is depression helping me have empathy?


Will our work ever be done?


Why are we always so critical?


Why is life so complicated sometimes?


Why is 7 the lucky number for so many people?


Will I ever do the things that I promise before I sleep?


Why 12 inches make a foot?


Why is letter and tabloid a thing?


How does design affect our daily lives?


Will designers ever be more than something “extra”?


Why do things bug me so much?


Will I ever define my style?


How does design influence decisions?


Can design provoke change?


What makes a design accessible to everyone?


What role does empathy play design decisions?


Can design alone foster a sense of community?


How to provoke intense emotions through design?


How does design reflect on human behavior?


Are designs "on trend" more effective?


Do design trends restrict creativity?


What is the criteria of good and bad design?


Where's the line between maximalism and minimalism?


Can maximalism still be balanced to avoid clutter?


How to mix personal style and trends?


Does minimalism enhance or restrict user experience?


Does personalization enhance user engagement?


Is personalization just another word for clutter?


Is visual clutter and maximalism the same thing?


Is there a balance between maximalist and usability?


Can maximalism actually foster comfort?


Can design evoke emotional connections?


Can an emotional connection be felt physically?


What role should psychology play in design?


Does my color choice really matter?


Can good design transcend language and culture?


Why did I move to the US to design?


Will the international students get a job?


Why is it so hard to live on OPT?


Will my brain ever be able to focus on one thing?


How to know when to stop?